Monday, July 5, 2010

Pour out your Heart

We went to worship on the Forth of July at a neighbor’s property which they named Covenant Creek.DSCN1999

Amazing setting. Worshiping the Lord in Freedom – with a new church family – fellowship – birds – food.  An amazing morning.


I have been facing quite  a few emotional trials the past few weeks – and I found this particular song to be a bit of a tear jerker -


DSCN2031DSCN2015 DSCN2009 DSCN2013 

The Lord is Good. I know it is not His will that we be alone. He has gathered us with people from 3 different churches.  My good friend down south at Gleneden Beach, several families up the street at Faith Baptist– and this gathering of friends at the New Life Four Square. We had several invitations to BBQ gatherings today – opted for Covenant Creek – The Spirit Moved. Then a peaceful afternoon of reading a good book, laying by a window watching the boats zig and zag on the lake. Hubby got home at 7ish and we BBQ’d some hamburgers – and watched the most amazing fireworks display I ever remember seeing – even in Oklahoma City – which was my last “greatest display memory”, or Seattle on the waterfront. . .Sitting on the top of a building watching the bay. . .

I have been pouring out my heart to the Lord – He has been answering. I still feel like I am at the bottom of a dark cave – but I know I am not alone. :)

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