Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Praying for Direction

I am praying for direction for the 2010 winter months of January through March.

What should our day’s routine look like?

How much technology should we use these months?

How much dedication to outdoor exercise will we show when the rains don’t stop?

What character issues should be prayed over, worked out, influenced?

What should our learning schedule be? How much time should be given to teaching for the fifth grade test?

What areas am I lacking in discipline that I may not even be aware of, discipline of routine, not to be confused with discipline of punishments.

How can I arrange my day and my heart to serve my husband more?

What can I do in the winter months to improve the gardens that I’ve been given on our property?

The largest looming question is – Good News Club. Should we do this? It doesn’t not feel like it is in God’s timing. Is it fear? Is it out of my comfort zone? Was my heart ready to say that we would take a year off break, and now the opportunity arrives to get involved? Is it selfish to take the winter off to grip up with being a mom? I think just even now praying about it, I know the answer is no, we shouldnt’ do it, with all of the time/money demands, but I hate to disappoint others.

Praying to know how to disappoint others with joy still in my heart for hearing direction . . .

Praying for direction.  Glad that He offers the path one step at a time, and we walk on it.

Pray for me? Leave an encouraging word, or a prayer request for yourself for the upcoming three months.

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