Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do you Plan for Joy?


This morning in my Proverbs reading of Chapter 12, I paused when reading verse 20. 

I hear the question often, “How do you have joy?”. The comment, “I need to find Joy in this hard circumstance.”  Proverbs 12:20, in the last part says, “Those who plan for peace have Joy.”  I looked it up in other translations and found a running word group of of Planned, Counsel, Advice, Purpose, Promote.  Not just in the Holiday Gatherings of winter, when we come together with family members of different beliefs and ways they run their homes, but throughout the year – are you planning to promote peace?

I must confess that when I know a hard circumstance is coming my way, at times, I find myself planning for adversity, planning to get through it, planning a retort maybe. I know through experience though, that when we come together as a family, the four of us, and communicate our expectations and what we need to do to pursue peace, and find joy, that we find it.

On a simpler level – a daily level – what are you doing in your day, that refreshes you and fills you up – so that you have a measure of peace to counsel? I admit to not reading my Word as daily as I should. Recently I’ve had several comments in FB,Blog, Photos of how they would love to live where I do on the Lake and have picked spots that they would love to do their daily devotions.  I justify, and say that I live a life of prayer, and thankfulness and training with the boys.  But this morning, I purposed to start my day in the word, and already I am more focused on peace for it. More focused on Him.   I find that my walks are the time that I have all to myself, the boys run off discovering, the dog investigates every moving thing – and I can see God’s creation and know how He created me, and trust in his All Knowing All Seeing, All of Control ways, and trust. It is where I find peace. 

This shot was taken during a dog walk in Central Oregon. A storm was coming, and we went to walk the dog before we couldn’t get out for a while. The views were amazing, the walk refreshing, our bodies invigorated.  Walking in the Word before a storm does the same thing for me.

No storms in my life anticipated that I know of – but who out there isn’t seeking how to have Joy every day? Maybe we should be as active at finding Peace. :)

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