Wednesday, December 23, 2009


trans- + parēre to show oneself

Transparent. Known. Understood.  Seen Clearly.

The Fear of the Unknown  - Over come.

Hiding Nothing.

Telling every moment? Every Project? Every Thought? Every breakdown? Every Photo? Every Success? Every Failure?   - No.

But telling enough of the journey, that I trust you will have a picture of our lives. This misunderstood thing of teaching at home, unschooling. A little like 31 flavors to answer questions posed throughout the day of why and how of homeschool. If you are looking for how we school at home, you may not find it here.


Transparency – Truth. Maybe it is why I am obsessed with Agates. The largest ones have been sunk in the sand. Covered during times of the easy summer, uprooted and sparkling during and after the winter storm. Rough starts, sometimes traveling great distances, to be sanded into a gem on the shore, after years of crashing against the waves against the grit of sand. Not all will be perfectly shined, some have craters, some with the rock of the geode still on, some sugared. All, each and everyone different, yet beautiful. When wet, glimmering, when held to the light, brilliant. 

My goal, is to be held to the light, that His glory will shine through, and you will see Christ in us.

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