Friday, January 15, 2010

Starting Fresh on Paper 2010

Homeschool, Planning, Calendar, OrganizerInstead of a half of a year not yet started, I have a new year fresh and clean. The Calendar. It is a focal of my day. Looking at the page. Seeing what awaits for the day. What to cook, what to prepare, how to dress, what to teach.  Most of it was dependant on what activities we had throughout the day.

I still need a calendar, but I couldn’t use my favorite. It was full of items that we will never do. At least not this year, before August. Choir. Sign Language. Science. Awana. Good News Club. Soup Night. Boys Club. Play Dates. Coffee Dates. Birthdays. Co-Ops. To open it was to see what we were missing. I fill in the calendar in advance.  I thought it would be ok to open and use in January, since that was as far as it was worked out – and yet, I still knew I was holding a half of a year undone.

Homeschool, Planner, OrganizerToday we were in Newport at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and discovered that the company has begun producing a new calendar – a January to January. And – It was on sale. Half off.  I wondered. Questions. Called a friend. Then Purchased.  A fresh start on paper. 2010. Clean and new. Without the attachments of what will not be, but the promise of what is to come. A blank slate. I can say after 3 months – I am finally ready to see what will be written in it. Promise, New, Fresh, Exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I've actually browsed all the blogs linked to your profile...very nice pictures :)

Enjoy your "Fresh Start"!