Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leaving a Trace

I’m being truly inspired by this book by Alexandria Johnson, Leaving a Trace.

Great review here:
Johnson, Alexandra. Leaving a trace; on keeping a journal; the art of transforming a life into stories.

I used to journal quite a bit in the mornings.  Read a psalm and a proverb, then write. Now that FB and Blogging has taken over my mornings, its the Daily Bead, Psalm, Proverb, Ponder, Prayer, but no written journal.  I had created this spot to have my ponderings, my very own. Not to share our homeschool, or our surroundings, or our family, but to share me.  Less of what I do, and more honestly of how I feel, think, ponder. Its easier to write summery style of what we are up to. As I walk on the beach, I journal in my mind, in my prayerful thoughts, to the Lord. I can walk and think, and talk aloud, and release the thoughts heaven bound.  And yet, how are they captured? Shared? Given? I really enjoy reading online journals, I feel connected, sympathetic, encouraged, joyful at sharing the lives of others. But when I write – I feel what Alexandra talks about – the censor – on my shoulder.  I hear her.  Don’t write that. It’s too personal. Its whiney. People won’t want to read it. The Wrong people will read it.

Which is why I separated this little blog to be pebblekeeper’s ponderings. If you are in for the lake or beach shot of the day – if you are in for homeschooling tips, you can hover over there – no need to read my long morning posts of ponderings.

I used to write out my ponderings, then email them to groups or friends.  Although the people who smiled and said thanks – the 1-2 people who emailed and asked me to stop won over. Well, They don’t need to click here. I wont Twitter or Facebook these posts. No email attachments. Just my typing.

My goal is to get some of my ponderings in writing. Maybe someone on the same path thinks the same as I do – or doesn’t. I’d like to learn how to write about Who I Am, instead of What I Do. What I am is almost as changing as what we are doing. A journey. Maybe thats why they call it a journal.

Alexandra gives homework with the book reading – and maybe I’ll participate in some of those. Some ask to go back to childhood  - remember – write – put it out there. We’ll see.

Still with me? Really?  Great.

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Heidi said...

I so need this book. I'm looking forward to hopefully finding it at the Library this afternoon. Maybe we'll have to compare notes and homework assignments.

I, for one, like your thoughts and appreciate your perspective, my friend. :)