Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like an Avocado Tree?

Homeschool, Change, Growth, Move, Avadaco TreeSitting in the morning’s light, reading an encouraging chapter of Hebrews 12, and then 13 – Surrounded by such a great crowd of witnesses. I love that -  was thankful, looking out to the lake, cozy, warm vanilla cream in my coffee ~ pondering our Avocado tree.

We started this little seed in the window in Central Oregon.  It cracked, opened, and a small root let down into the water.  Then a shoot came up, and a leaf. Oh the glory of those days. Watching it grow, develop. We babied it, put it in the best dirt, and watched it grow.  Pride would swell, almost a sinful pride, when other families would marvel that we got a seed to grow in a glass of water. Like we had DONE something.

Homeschool, Change, Growth, Move, Two, Avacado TreeA week before the move we had a hail storm. Little Auvie was outside.  She got hit pretty hard. We were sad from our mis care. Should have brought her in. And then we moved, and Auvie had a secured seat, riding in the car on the trailer, padded on all sides. She was the first thing unloaded in the new house.

For a few weeks, her health went down hill.  Change colors.

A rusty red color seeped through the green. I thought, well, Auvie doesn’t like the new surroundings either.

Then, about a month ago – sprouts appeared.  Two leaves came out, then two more. The growth, that’s what I noticed this morning.  Homeschool, Change, Growth, Move, Three Avacado Tree

Not only are the leaves growing, but they are actually healthier than those from the first growth. Beautiful Color. Large, Luscious. Rainforest.  And more sprouts are on their way.  Four new leaves.

This month is the first since our moved that I feel focused, centered. Real Joy. Real Contentment. Ready.  Expectant. Not in words, but in my heart. Enough to journal. Enough to re-open the prayer book. Enough to let the whiney go out the window.  The rust of our selfish hearts has bled through, and growth has come.  I see it in me, my boys, and my beloved hubby.

Deep, Dark, Green, Water Flowing through the veins.  Bring it on!