Friday, September 10, 2010


I have quite a few friends who are in the midst of transition.  Some appointed – some by their own making – some by the neglect of others.  We talk about faith. And “What God Wants”. Sigh. What does God want? How do we know for sure? How do you talk with this one and see an easy path – and tag it with  quick, “Yes, that seems to be God’s direction for you.” – And then talk with another friends, same circumstances – and see yet a different direction.

I can but only share from my experience. I can only offer what I have heard and read.  And now, more times than not – I can but only offer ears without words. A cup of tea, pressed coffee, a cookie.

We have gone through a year of transition. Into the unknown. Taxing family relationships. Stressed by relationships around us. Income shrinking. School group options stripped away. And I have felt it.  The desire to run. The Desire to Flea. That if I step up – and make my choice – that’s “best for me”  - that life will be better.

And yet – I do know the answer. Of how to know. Because at this point in my life I am a mom. And I have been a wife for over 20 years. And I am a child of the King. And I have the Holy Spirit Living in Me.  And no matter what others are doing around me – His Word is clear. Of what I am to do. How I am to think. How I am to be a servant. How I am to be submissive. And, in those areas – it is so crazy at how the “But if the other person  . . . . then" is not found.  If they – then you don’t have to forgive. And If you forgive but it was really bad, then you do not have to pardon. If they do it again you get to leave. If they don’t do this, you no longer have to serve. If their will crosses yours, you no longer have to submit. 

Loopholes. To the Fences. It was after a phone call and an online chat – of the discouragement of where we are – that I woke up to read the page of Fences by Joni Eareckson Tada.  A link to the page is here <<Diamonds in the Dust, Fences>>.

Of how we are looking for the loopholes. My favorite quote from a book I am reading called Blind Hope by Kim Meader  - “The grass is only greener on the other side – if you water it”. Why water the neighbor’s grass? When there are not enough moments in the day to water your own? From Diamonds today – it hit me - “I was restless, looking for life’s loopholes to crawl through. But for what? Greener pastures? No, Life’s Weeds.”

So my challenge for myself – is to again refocus on living in the moment. Giving my Today speech.  Listing all the things that are firm in my life today – that I am thankful for today – and not listening to what may or may not crumble tomorrow. Do the Next Thing – instead of worrying about what will crash down , what I won’t be able to go through – next week.

What fence are you looking to cross? What selfish dissatisfaction – even righteous intolerance – are you willing to go against what God wants for you? You might find yourself locked in the barn, like my friend in the Fences story. But – I still love ya. I’ll come bring ya a cookie. :)


Amanda Perko said...

okay, so now I just want to buy your Diamonds in the Dust. :) And look at today and find all the diamonds in it, be happy with my fences because God put them in place now, didn't he?

Briana said...

So true and you said it so well. No matter what our circumstances there is always a better we could wish for. I have to remind myself of this all the time. If only I had a nice looking kitchen, if only we made a little more money, if only. How about if only I would be content.

Thanks for saying what I needed to hear today!