Monday, August 30, 2010

Added Assurance from the Word

Yesterday I wrote of my aha moment – of the joy of taking off my tourist hat – of sitting back to enjoy the peace of knowing that the tour guide has a plan.

And then I went to fellowship and worship with a group of God’s people – to be filled with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as He answers our prayers to renew our flames –to not let them be quenched.  As we gather together, and that flame grows higher and brighter and hotter.

And we hunker down and settle in for a teaching of His Word. Christ in Word. Broken apart for us – in James. We have been reading James as a congregation for a few weeks. Oh the passion.

And why am I surprised?  That the same morning I wrote about Faith and Trusting  - by word, and Faith and Trusting by Peace in my Heart – that we read James Chapter 2? Faith. Without Works. Is Dead.  Abraham Believed. And it was credited to him as Righteous. It didn’t say – Abraham served in every part of the building working his hiney off neglecting his home and family – and his Works Credited Him Favor. Abraham Believed.

What works are we working for? What are we striving for?

We talked about Faith – Dead Faith – Intellectual acceptance without a trust in Christ – and Saving Faith – That will produce good works – but only from a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Disobedience to this faith  - to loving the brethren – to meeting a need – is like saying God’s Word is true – but it has not changed me. (Martin Luther)

I am begging for renewal in my heart – to see the line between serving because there seems to be a need – and serving because I am obeying the voice of the Lord. To remembering this year, as the school year progresses – that my obedience to the Lord in this season – is to be a Wife, a Mother, a Teacher,a Friend of God – and a Friend to my Brethren.

That I will step up in His Strength, and that I will pay attention when my yoke becomes heavy. Will I carry that yoke? Will I give it to Him? Will I get caught up in classes and people and obligation? Will my joy be filled from being a part of His Army?

I am thankful that the Lord is bringing this to my mind – that the Work He wants from me is a saving faith – through this middle school year. To hold on to the promises that He gave to our family. To Trust in His Plan. To breathe. Sit back. And Have the energy to minister to others out of the outpouring of what He has ministered to me.

Join with me this year? For a simple schedule? A simple mindset? As we journey through another year?

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Amanda Perko said...

Thanks for stretching your heart out on paper. Life has me tumbling yet still, but I feel it slowing down...oh, and friend you were so right. I only think of you when I daydream about finding kayaks to explore the river that runs next to our next home, the home we'll move to in late September. Thanks for girding me up.

This is more than a comment.

And I'll think on this...I have been already. This morning in my time with God He wondered aloud if I am celebrating my doing or my salvation? I am thinking on that. I want for more freedom in Him, yet I want it to be not for the sake of freedom, but because He's so amazingly faithful...because He's "not safe, but good" (C.S. Lewis) I want to be freed up to see Him. To breathe His Spirit til it pours out of me effortless and watering and girding up my friends on this journey.

This is more than a comment....
all my love....