Monday, June 21, 2010

Are You teaching? Or is He giving?

I looked up a verse in Exodus 35:34 and read a tid bit about the Lord giving a couple of guys the ability to teach their skills to others. I pondered this in my heart – for myself as a parent – to teach the skills I know – but then I went back through the chapter – and found that there was So Much More to the topic than this one little statement.

Read through Exodus 35 for the whole passage – but I’ll give you the highlights that spoke to me -

He was speaking about the “people who had their hearts stirred and their spirits moved” v21

Of those – he was speaking about “all whose hearts were willing”. v 22

Has your heart been stirred? Are you willing?

Then – They brought their best – what they had – together for the Lord – They brought their skills to use in the project V25. They were eager to help in the work. v 29.

The Leaders brought items of the most value – however, that simple fact was not stated, and their offering were stated after all of the other people – they brought Stones, Gemstones, Spices, Incense and Oil for Light. v 27.

It made me think of the Leaders of the Crew, Awana, CoOps, Online McLinky’s.  They bring the Oil for the Light – so we can see where we are going, offering incense – sharing their spice and goods.  Without them, we’d not have the light. Without us, they’d not have the willing workers willing to share all we have and can do. We’re a team.

It starts to get good in Vs 30 -

That these boys were chosen specifically by God – filled with the Spirit of God – then given

  • Great wisdom
  • Ability
  • Expertise in all kinds of crafts
  • Master Craftsmen
  • Experts in working
  • Skills and,
  • They were given the ability to teach their skills to others
  • and, they excelled in these special skills that they were given.

It was the type of passage that I remember from when we started homeschooling. To remind me of who is actually going to teach my children.  I am here – willing – heart stirred- bringing all that I have – sharing all I know – but I’m not really the one that needs to impart a skill. The Lord chooses, He grants. It takes the pressure off for sure!

But they’re talking about the old testament. The building of the tabernacle. Of rebuilding in a new land. Doesn’t apply to me. Or does it?

How about 1 John 4:13 – Where it tells me that God has Given ME the Spirit as proof that I live in Him and He in Me?

And what about I Peter 2:9 – Where we are told that we are Chosen? A Royal Priesthood? A Holy Nation? God’s own Possession – to show others the Goodness of God – Called out of the Darkness and into the Light. For we are a chosen people.

So if God chose those boys in Exodus – how much more should we feel honored to be chosen?

If God gave those boys His Spirit to give them wisdom and skills to excel in what they needed to do – how much more will He give me – and my boys  - to excel in what we need to do?

And – lets not neglect to take a shout out of the earlier text in 1 Peter 2:4 – Where Peter (petros – pebble) talks about Christ –

A chief cornerstone, (PETRA) elect, precious,
And he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame.

that we are Coming to Him as to a living stone, (PETRA) rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious,  you also, as living stones,(PETROS) are being built up a spiritual house – Hmmm Petra School and Pebble Keeping. . . . .

We don’t want to be of those who stumble, being disobedient to the word, to which they also were appointed.

But  you are a chosen generation.

Chosen. Given. Trusting. Faith. Take that one to the Word Bank.


Suzanne said...

Angie, I really enjoyed reading this - it's so encouraging. It does take the pressure off to know that all we must do is obey and the Lord will choose how to impart whatever it is that we're teaching/sharing. It reminds me of a message I recently heard by John Piper that said as Christians, we're chosen, called, sanctified and redeemed. And it's all because of Jesus' awesome sacrifice on the cross. Thanks for sharing what God is impressing upon your heart.

Suzanne said...

Angie, I really enjoyed reading this. It's a relief to be reminded that we're only responsible to obey and God does the imparting. Thanks for sharing what God is impressing upon your heart.