Monday, May 10, 2010

What do you concern yourself with?

What occupies your quiet moments.  Do you have time to gaze out of a window . . . Swirl the soap bubbles rising from cereal dishes . . . depositing cold wet clothes to a dryer . . . driving to the bank  . . sitting at the computer . . . sipping coffee. . . . .

What occupies your mind? 

I looked up this word Occupy in the the Hebrew – and it is:

  halak (haw-lak’), 1980 in the strongs – To exercise, walk, be conversant, tale bearer, traveler, wander . . .

I have been working on living in the real  - the right now – and planning for real future events.  And yet, as I read things on the internet – I can have a tendency to drift to the virtual – which stirs up my emotions – It is interesting that definition of Occupy comes with Tale Bearing Conversant Wanderings. 

I looked up another word today – Behaved 7737 -

shavah (shaw-vaw)- To level – to Equalize – Adjust – Reckon – Compose – Yield.

In the bible translators have  chosen words like Behaved, Stilled, Composed, Cultivated, Calmed, Learned to feel Safely – to try to bring shavah into our English understanding.

Adjusting our conversations.  Yielding to wandering. Reckoning the tale bearer.  Wonder where I am going with this?

I was sitting to Pastor Darrel this Sunday – and he referenced the very short Psalm 131:

O lord, my heart is not lifted up,
  My eyes are not raised too high,
I do not occupy myself with things
Too great and too marvelous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
  Like a weaned child with his mother,
    like a weaned child is my soul within me.
Oh Isreal, Hope in the Lord from this time forward and forever more.

And for some reason – I felt that this was one more step of confirmation that I need to keep my current plans on track with my Facebook account. It spoke to me  - I will keep those ponderings to myself – yet, I wanted to share this verse with you here while I ponder -

Urging myself to keep the focus on what is real  - sorting out what is virtual – walking in what He lays before me HERE – and enjoying what I read for encouragement on line.

I see that it is a very real thing – that King David did – how many people must have come to him, to share the lives of his countrymen? To share their goals? To share the stories of their children?  There must be a leveling – and adjusting – a balance – in being involved in the history of others – and letting those stories occupy your mind – careful – when I sort them into the categories in my mind – of Pride, Judgment – Comparing – or even Apathy – the stirs the soul into an anxious heap.

I will continue to exercise – to train – to practice quieting my soul – keeping a safe spot around my time and thoughts -

I have sat here to try to type out these thoughts – and they get jumbled -

I know I am not alone in my feelings for virtual friends – So I will keep posting – if you are further along at sorting it out – let me know! Share your ponderings for the rest of the class. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure I follow all that you are saying here. My meter is not really real vs. virtual but what is fluff vs. meaningful. I find on FB that I am reading a lot of fluff but sometimes the conversations lead to something more meaningful, and some deep thoughts via email. I am learning from this. It is a balance for me, tho, because I have boys who are growing up too fast and I cannot let that slip by me. ~Cori (maybe anonymous will work?)

Pebblekeeper said...

I read it through again, and I don't think I did a good job of typing out all that I was pondering -
One point to clear up, is that my emotional battle isn't on fluff vs meaningful as far as information or truth - but in the way of friendships. I tend to spend alot of time online, especially on FB feeling like I'm close personal friends with acquaintances from my past, on FB even people who I didn't even enjoy in real life. . . But they hit my like button on FB, so that made me happy. :)
I am enjoying the intentional communication - and may wander back to facebook, but I have enjoyed these past two weeks while I sort out "real life friends" from "virtual names and pics on line". :)