Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baw-Rak Blessings

It wasn’t the intent of the message – but usually what I receive isn’t . . . . Don’t get me wrong, I could blog for an hour about this morning’s topic -

but the main thing I was reminded of today was the meaning of Blessings – Baw-Rak – To Kneel, By implication to bless God, as an act of adoration – and then vice versa – He blesses man.

And we sang the Song, Beautiful, by Vineyard Music – and at first I was like – right. I need you like the rain – and really – I don’t want any rain right now – but we were in Jeremiah 17, about the tree planted near the water and all – so um, ya in context I need the water – Sorry – Rambling -

Back on track -

We sang the song Beautiful- and thought about the meaning of Blessing. Here’s a little known secret – although I am glad for how our life is, our home, my family – I have a shakey self esteem. Battles with Thyroid and weight, Battles with stringy hair, Battles with worth to others  - and the worst attack of the past couple of years mentally has been my blessing and ministering to others, without having an input valve of who is ministering to me. I give and share, bake and clean, house and invite – usually one sided. Satan can attack really hard, selfishness and self worth can set it when I cry out – Who will come To Bless Me?

And then he talked about how to make that happen today – Bless Him. He will bless me. Is He Enough? is He enough for you?

Cause the funny thing is – the main topic of the study today was about trusting in man, instead of God.  Take a sec to read Jeremiah 17 today – verses 5-10. Are you trusting in man for your hope? Silly Dead Dry Tree.  Maybe go find some rain . . . . .

Listen, Soak it in, Bless the Father, and Allow Him to Bless you! Accept the blessing! I listened to this – and it absorbed into me today. I accepted it. I felt it. He will be enough. He will be All.

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Karen said...

Love reading your blogs....finally figured out my password to leave you a comment! :)