Monday, April 12, 2010

Deactivated to Activate?

The past few weeks I have felt the need to back out of Facebook. I started with blocking the games and turning off the email alerts.  Then to de-friend many people I’ve been associated with but not really friends with. Then to group people into association of when or where we became friends or family.  I tried to “hide” everyone I didn’t need to keep up with daily.

Still, there was some crazy need. To know who is awake, who went on a walk, how everyone’s day at work went, who is watching Lost, Pictures from weddings, YouTube videos passed around and articles everyone thinks we need to read.

I sit here in the morning, having quiet time, reading and such, but with the laptop always here, always on, waiting for updates.  While the gardens grow weeds and grass, while the spider webs gather, while the board games get dusty.

This morning I took steps that I feel were in response to an obedience to a voice urging me to shut it off.  Facebook allows you to Deactivate – So I clicked the button this morning.

Oh the freedom I felt today. Yes, I do know I can log back on to re-activate  but knowing my intention to have this long term. Not needing to see who replied to which status updates or participate in typed humorous banter. I emailed a few friends and family to let them know that the good ol phone and email will need to be used to contact our family – life before Facebook emerges.

Oh for the things we got done today – no longer chained to the laptop. Bikes on the road, yard mowed, walks taken, household duties maintained, learning intentional, meals created, life lived. Pre Facebook style. 

It may not be forever, but I do need to get my daily priorities in line, I need to firm up my in real life friendships, and give my best effort to the boy’s learning days, and less to knowing who has the stomach flu or who went to a great restaurant. . . . .

I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes.


Mother Robin said...

Excellent, Pebble.
I got on Face by force and only post when required. Whenever I see that ridiculous prompt, "What are you doing right now?" I always want to respond "Reading stupid Facebook postings, whaddaya think??"
Face posts are not nearly as interesting as we can make our little lives sound on our blogs, are they?

Pebblekeeper said...

Most of the FaceBook posts are whines looking for encouragement - where I find most of the Homeschool Blogs sharing the days, encouraging each other to be accountable and give ideas. :) FB doesn't give us enough space to really express ourselves, and - it doesn't have a dis-like button. :)