Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have you ever lost it all?

Have you ever sold everything you owned to move somewhere? We did last year. I was glad to be rid of our thrift store belongings – to have the monies to move – and to take care of our Landlord’s belongings in their home.  I didn’t expect to miss any of the things that went to the garage sale and the thrift store. A couple of books – a blow torch that we used for weeding the fence – and a school table got put on the truck or sold at the garage sale that wasn’t meant to be – but other than that – no thought of what we had.  What I wasn’t expecting – is the response from others. Friends and Strangers. 

You Can’t Do That! I stare at them with disbelief as they stare equally back at me with horror and disbelief. 

This week we have had a cold bug go through the family – so the little details of cleaning have gone undone. This morning I woke up with the joy to clean – which is my favorite way. Tucking little items back in their spots – wiping and straightening. Caring for my home is caring for my family and guests. As I sorted out my reading stand – I saw that it needed a little Old English Lemon Oil Care. 

DSCN8412As Jon brought me the bottle I got to tell him more stories of Nana and Grandpa – and of how I love each book in the little shelf.

I did keep a few pieces. Not of value necessarily – but of memory. As I rub the oil over the wood – I remember who gave it to me. I remember the time they spent in prayer for me. I remember the grandparents that spent so much time with me as a child. I am thankful to my parents for seeing that I was well cared for as a baby.  There was a time as an infant – where my birth parents could have given me up for adoption – or to another family – but they gave me to my grandparents.  Most of who I am and how I think came from the time I spent with my Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Oliver.  Simple. Basics. A Quiet Life. A Love for the Word. A Love for My Lord. A Love for working with my hands in the dirt, with cloth, and with a pen.

DSCN8408This morning, as I brought back fresh life into those few pieces. My mind pondered. My heart swelled. The Love breathed fresh and full for those the Lord laid out to care for me as a child. I look at my little helper today, sweeping and wiping with his little dish rag. And I smile. Knowing – that whatever mistakes I perceive to make in a day with him- that the Lord is in control – and He has just the right helpers in my path for my boys.

DSCN8411I could loose all of the pretty things today – and would not loose my Christ. Would not loose my wonderful childhood memories. Would not loose my desire to make a mean biscuit. Grow the best Flowers or largest zucchini. Love the open air on my cheeks driving 70 on the back of a motorcycle. Love the spark of interest in book keeping and organizing from time spent on a lap in a big ol chair at  a big ol desk. Hours spent playing games at a little table. Time spent listening to the Word be read by the fire after a mess of bean soup.  What more could one need? What more would one want? I hug my precious memories tight this morning. :) Thanks for sharing them with me. :)

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Amanda Perko said...

Thank you for the reminder of the true meaning of treasure.