Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We take a break to Scream and Cry and Laugh

We’ve been through almost an entire year  - together steeped together – with another family – bound together, walking together, with many other families of  kindred spirits – helping this family through.  There was nothing we could really do while watching them walk through it, just pray, give support, and not turn away.

I won’t share their story – I am sure that they are writing it – but I am here to report -

NO MATTER WHAT is happening to you,

NO MATTER HOW FAR the odds are stacked against you,

NO MATTER HOW HIGH the powers to be are after you,

NO MATTER HOW MANY people have turned against you -





For those who persevere –

with or without patience

faith to move mountains,  faith of a mustard seed

with tears or with joy

His Plan Will Unfold.

I am glad to be standing by my friends at what appears to be the finish line – and now watching the rebuilding of the team.

Their family will never be the same – be the wistful naive, day in day out family of Pre-June 2009,

So things will not go back to normal. I hope, I know that their normal will NEVER be normal again. I know that they will take the strength gained, and remember it , use it - for a life time.

And when they publish their story, when they are free to share it -

I will share it with you. But I can ALMOST guarantee – It’s more than you are walking through right now.

When I heard the victory shouts ring, I shouted as well. Whooped and Hollered.

And then it hit me, Its Real. Its Really Real. It’s as good as over!

And the tears came, shock, relief, maybe even a bit of denial.

I am seeing the reports – but the walls built around my heart, standing on the wall for them, are shattered as this long awaited ending has come. I can step down, praying in a different direction now.

It will become real, and I will keep rejoicing. And I will remember that God Still Has a Plan- can’t wait to see it unfold.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You hit some HUGE nails on the head. I love you sister/friend :)
Thanks for hiking with us!