Monday, February 7, 2011

Let Go of the Rope

In years past - I have feared hitting rock bottom. In finance.  In struggles. With addictions. In self destruction. Especially Finance. I had said it many times, and heard others speak of it, with fear in their eyes. "What if we hit rock bottom?" "Wonder if they will have to hit rock bottom?" "I don't know what will happen if they hit rock bottom."

Know what we found out?  Rock bottom isn't that bad. Its the end of the fall. The Rock is firm. A person can stand back up. On steady feet. We've hit it a few times, and really? I fear it no longer.

Several times over the past year and a half, the Lord has been teaching me to put down my yoke, to take His. Mostly in relationships and activity. The Striving. To be a mom. A Homeschooler. A Church Member. A Group Member. A Friend. It has been the year of realizing I've been working too hard. I find myself slipping.

And thats when my wording changed. When Satan slips in. I start to feel that I'm at the end of my rope. Dangling. The struggle. Feeling so tired, yet gripping all the more firmly. Striving.

Ever wonder why the Lord allows us to get to the end of our rope before His answer comes so quickly? My mind swirls in circles as it reaches out to create the scenario that will save me. Finding none, my mind starts to turn off. Shut down. I feel myself slipping from the rope.

Finally, my stubborn fingers let go.

That's when I find my feet.

Back on the Rock.

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Amanda Allen said...

amazing how He waits until we humble ourselves and surrender.