Sunday, December 12, 2010

Re-Fresh Button

I came home from a large event yesterday and fell to my chair in an exhausted heap. I can share that I have given my all – everything I knew to give – and now the project is over.  I slept for a couple of hours – and then got up to hit the refresh button on the house.

Straightening the building that has been used for gatherings each week, and lovingly tending it back into a home – a nourishing – refreshing home.

I can not express in few words – or maybe even in much words – the growth and change that has occurred in my heart these past months.

I have been side tracked by Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Lego Clubs.

In spending the evening going from room to room, straightening, cleaning, purging,

My mind was continually drawn to the Blogs – Online Time -

Wondering, what other things in my life have I allowed to come in, take time, and side track.

I enjoy reading the blogs, and commenting. I enjoy the comments I receive. I enjoy knowing what my friends are up to on Facebook. I enjoy sharing my  life.

But I am constantly pulled to realizing – that in the focus of sharing the life, I have stopped living mine. I know. It doesn’t make sense.

I don’t seem to have the energy, prioritizing skills, or knowledge to know how to participate in other’s lives, and still have a really fun cool, growing, refreshing life of my own.

I’m going to take the next 3 weeks to get ready for January.

To reflect and slow down.

To become a hermit of sorts.

To pray and Seek His Face in the next steps of my life.

Knowing that the steps that I take deeply and everlastingly effect those of my family.

I am reminded this morning of John 10, 3-4 and Psalm 139 – that He calls us out. He leads us. He has us Hedged In on All Sides. He knows, and I am unable to understand.

I am feeling the pull to change my blogging style back to that of where I started. When I only had 2 readers. When I wasn’t aware of format and grammar and too many pictures, or too few pictures, or writing for sponsors or writing for memes. Just writing. Because I woke up every day – like today – with words. and Typing at over 100 words a minute comes easier than italic handwriting in a small notebook.

This morning I logged back into my site – to remember where I’ve been – and it asked to merge with my wordpress blog. There is a new category bar on the right hand side there. I’ll be moving those old posts around.

You may not see much of a change as a reader, as you have already seen the amount of blog posts may decrease. Smile

My brain is mud today. So many thoughts. I have a desire to be transparent on this site – but boring you with the inner workings of how I transition -

I am going to be deleting more on

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Amanda Perko said...

Have you been in my brain? I've struggled on and off with blogging....knowing something just isn't right when I start thinking "how could I blog this?" as I laugh pushing my kiddos on the swing or scrubbing the can I make a story or analogy out of this?

Anyhow, I'm simplifying too, and quieter online, trying. Balance is a trick I haven't figured out yet.

You're a good friend, and I love what God is doing in you. Enjoy your quiet, and peace over your family now.